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Interview Coaching

  • Are you planning to attend a crucial interview?
  • Are you looking for a dream job?
  • Do you have plans regarding your career change?
  • Have you just completed your graduation and starting out on your career ladder?

If yes, you should book your slot with us to undergo an individual interview training to boost your chance of success.



To help the candidates to be fully prepared to face an interview, answer the questions with confidence and clarity, and carry themselves with impressive body language.


To help the candidates make a favourable first impression


To familiarise candidates with frequently asked questions and guiding them to prepare in advance with answers for those questions.


To give inputs on the CV

Why Interview Training is Beneficial

With the intense competition prevailing in many new generation organizations, such as eCommerce, IT, media, ITES, manufacturing, healthcare and various other domains, merely classroom learning is not enough to grab your dream job or excel in your career. Instead, you need to learn to present yourself in an outstanding manner to impress the interviewers and panel members. For this, you need to undergo an interview training and experience the LIVE feedback sessions with us.

This training is intended to provide you with a head start over the others during an interview, by experts in the field with vast experience to their credit.


Our experts’ team aims to create a tailored mock interview for our job aspirants, we focus on questions that interviewers often ask. Moreover, we handle your specific concerns and work with you to improve your weak areas. Let’s take a look on how we can work together on grabbing your dream job.

Before Your Session with Us

We need your profile or CV before start of the session; this helps us to understand you in a better way while coming up with a sound interview plan. Moreover, we always remain ready to help in case you need to go for a specific type of job interview. Just share the job description/job profile along with details about the company and consider your preparation done!

Interview Coaching Session

Here, we conduct a personalised session with you in person. Experts in this field will interact with you, conduct a mock interview, and provide you with firsthand feedback on your performance.

Scope of Our Coaching Services

One-to-One Interview Coaching

Our one-to-one interview coaching session makes you fully prepared and gives you good idea about each of the probable questions, so that you may answer athem in the most confident way.. The main objective of our one-to-one interview coaching session is to make you confident enough to face your interview and get your dream job.

Traditional Interview Coaching

Our experts help you fully prepared and competent to face any traditional interview while applying for different positions in top companies worldwide. Accordingly, we help you in answering common questions i.e. “Define about yourself in detail, or where you want to see yourself after 5 years/10 years from today?” The factor that sets us apart is that we not only guide you in framing answers of the above mentioned or similar question, but also conduct practice sessions, so that you give answers fluently with proper body language, eye contact, gesture and posture.

Behavioural Interview Coaching

We impart behavioural interview coaching for job seekers applying to different positions in MNCs and other big organizations of the world. For this, we help you to prepare for a few common behavioural job interview-based questions often asked in interviews. These are, “How you will deal with an organizational challenge? Alternatively, interviewer may ask, “Did you commit any mistake in your previous live project” and if yes, “how you dealt with your client and supervisor?” Even we guide you in preparing other questions, like “How you have managed a big target within a short deadline?”

Panel Interview Coaching

Panel interviews are different from other forms of interviews and perhaps, they are the toughest types of interviews faced by candidates. In this case, you need to respond to each panel member appropriately, apart from merely answering questions.. We make this possible by following various time tested techniques.

Impressive Answers

Based on our real-time and vast experience, we create impressive interview answers to frequently asked panel interview-based questions, while work hard with you to make sure that you deliver answers in the professional way to achieve your success.

Competency Questions

While going for panel interviews, we recommend you to prepare a few tough competency-based and behavioural questions, so that you give answers by structuring excellent examples.

Body Language and Eye Contact

Our team also trains you on handshake, eye contact, postures, gestures and other aspects of body language, so that you create your exclusive impression in front of any interview panel and reduce your interview nerves.

Free Resume Review and Advice

Besides providing regular guidance on interview sessions, we consistently give constructive feedback to you regarding your resume/CV and give you valuable pieces of advice to make it professional and informative.

Understanding career aspirations and guidance on opportunities

Other Guidance

Apart from interview counselling, our services also include the following:

  • Evaluation of job offer from any company
  • Understand the parity, grading and fitment in the organization
  • Understand matters related to salary and compensation
  • Regular career counseling
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